Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy


The OECD Competition Committee promotes re‌gular exchanges of views and analysis on competition policy issues. The proceedings from these discussions, including submissions from countries and invited experts, are published within the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy series. 

Recent and forthcoming discussions


December 2021 

Competition issues in books and e-books

Environmental considerations in competition enforcement

Ex Ante regulation and competition in digital markets

Competition issues in news media and digital platforms

Trade, development and competition

Economic analysis and evidence in abuse cases

The promotion of competitive neutrality by competition authorities


June 2021 

Competition enforcement and regulatory alternatives

Competition compliance programmes

Data portability, interoperability and competition

The concept of potential competition

Methodologies to measure market competition



Access by topic

Abuse of dominance



Regulated sectors


‌‌‌Pro-competitive policy reforms  


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Competition in digital advertising markets

Sustainability and Competition

Competition Economics of Digital Ecosystems

The Role of Competition Policy in Promoting Economic Recovery

Competition policy: Time for a reset?

Abuse of dominance in digital markets

Economic analysis in merger investigations

Using market studies to tackle emerging competition issues

Line of business restrictions as a solution to competition concerns

Criminalisation of cartels and bid rigging conspiracies

Conglomerate effects of mergers

Consumer data rights and competition

Start-ups, killer acquisitions and merger control



Independent sector regulators and competition

Access to the case file and protection of confidential information

Barriers to exit in competition

Hub-and-spoke arrangements in competition

Competition under fire

Competition provisions in trade agreements 

Merger control in dynamic markets 

Competition for-the-market

Publicly funded education markets

The standard of review by courts in competition cases

Licensing of IP rights and competition law

Competition issues in labour markets

Digital disruption in financial markets

Vertical mergers in the technology, media and telecom sector



Designing publicly funded healthcare markets

Treatment of legally privileged information in competition proceedings

Gun jumping and suspensory effects of merger notifications 

Excessive pricing in pharmaceuticals

Personalised pricing in the digital era

Quality considerations in the zero-price economy

How can competition contribute to fairer societies?

Gender and competition

Benefits and challenges of regional competition agreements

Investigative powers in practice

Competition law and state-owned enterprises

Taxi, ride-sourcing and ride-sharing services

Challenges and co-ordination of leniency programmes

Consumer-facing remedies

Non-price effects of mergers

Implications of E-commerce for Competition Policy

Market concentration 

Blockchain and competition policy



Focus on small agencies and those in developing economies: Overcoming adversity and attaining success

Judicial perspectives on competition law

Are competition and democracy symbiotic?

Extraterritorial reach of competition remedies

Co-operation between Competition Agencies and Regulators in the Financial Sector: 
10 years on from the Financial Crisis

Common ownership by institutional investors and its impact on competition

Safe harbours and legal presumptions in competition law 

Radical Innovation in the Electricity Sector 

Market studies methodologies for competition authorities

Competition issues in aftermarkets 

Rethinking the use of traditional antitrust enforcement tools in multi-sided markets

Algorithms and collusion 



Competition and innovation in land transport

Geographic market definition across national borders 

Agency decision-making in merger cases: Prohibition and conditional clearances

Price discrimination

Big Data: Bringing competition policy to the digital era

Promoting competition; Protecting human rights

The role of market studies as a tool to promote competition

Independence of competition authorities - From designs to practices

Sanctions in antitrust cases

Disruptive innovations in legal services

Public interest considerations in merger control

Jurisdictional nexus in merger control regimes

Fidelity rebates

Commitment Decisions in Antitrust Cases



Competition and cross platform parity agreements

Competition and disruptive innovation in financial markets

Cartels involving intermediate goods

Does competition kill or create jobs? The links and drivers between competition and employment

The impact of disruptive innovations on competition law enforcement

Serial offenders: Why do some industries seem prone to endemic collusion?

Competitive Neutrality

Changes in Institutional Design of Competition Authorities

Disruptive Innovations

Liner Shipping

Competition and the use of tenders and auctions

Oligopoly Markets

Public and Private Antitrust Enforcement in Competition



Changes in Institutional Design of Competition Authorities

Intellectual Property and Standard Settings

Competition and the use of tenders and auctions

Competition and the use of markers in leniency programmes

Enhanced Enforcement Co-operation

OECD inventory of international co-operation agreements on competition

Financing of the Roll-out of Broadband Networks

Competition in Public-Private Partnerships

Generic pharmaceuticals and competition

Airline Competition

Competition Issues in the Distribution of Pharmaceuticals

Fighting Corruption and Promoting Competition

Competition in Financial Consumer Protection

Investigations of Consummated and Non-notifiable Mergers

Evaluation of Competitive Impacts of Government Interventions



Competition issues in Waste Management

Competition and macroeconomic outcomes factsheet 

Ex officio cartel Investigation and the Use of Screens to Detect Cartels 

Competition issues in the Food Chain Industry

Remedies in Cross-border Merger Cases 

Definition of Transaction for the Purpose of Merger Control Review

Recent Developments in Rail Transportation Services

Competition in Road Fuel

Role and Measurement of Quality in Competition Analysis

Competition Issues in Television and Broadcasting

Competition and Poverty Reduction

Vertical Restraints for On-line Sales

Methods for Allocating Contracts for the Provision of Regional and Local Transportation Services



Competition and Behavioural Economics

Competition and Payment Systems

Leniency for Subsequent Applicants

The Role of Efficiency Claims in Antitrust Proceedings

The Digital Economy

Competition and Commodity Price Volatility

Market Definition

Unilateral Disclosure of Information with Anticompetitive Effects

Improving International Co-operation in Cartel Investigations

Competition in Hospital Services



Quantification of Harm to Competition by National Courts and Competition Agencies

Impact Evaluation of Merger Decisions

Promoting Compliance with Competition Law

Procedural Fairness: Competition Authorities, Courts
and Recent Developments

Economic Evidence in Merger Analysis

Remedies in Merger Cases

Cross-Border Merger Control: Challenges for Developing and Emerging Economies

Excessive Prices

Competition in Ports and Port Services

The Regulated Conduct Defence 

Crisis Cartels 



Horizontal Agreements in the Environmental Context

Information Exchanges between Competitors under Competition Law

Pro-active Policies for Green Growth and the Market Economy

Arbitration and Competition

Emission Permits and Competition

Standard Setting

Competition and Credit Rating Agencies

Exit Strategies 

Competition and Sports

Procedural Fairness: Issues in Civil and Administrative Enforcement Proceedings 

Competition and Corporate Governance

Electricity: Renewables and Smart Grids 

Competition, Concentration and Stability in the Banking Sector 

Competition, State Aids and Subsidies

Collusion and Corruption in Public Procurement 



State-Owned Enterprises and the Principle of Competitive Neutrality 

Generic Pharmaceuticals 

Margin Squeeze 

The Failing Firm Defence

Standard for Merger Review

Competition, Patents and Innovation II

Competition Policy, Industrial Policy and National Champions

Competition Policy and the Informal Economy

Two-Sided Markets

Competition and Regulation in Auditing and Related Professions 

Competition and Financial Markets 



Monopsony and Buyer Power 

Experience with Direct Settlements in Cartel Cases 

Resale Price Maintenance 

Competition Policy for Vertical Relations in Gasoline Retailing 

Presenting Complex Economic Theories to Judges 

Fidelity and Bundled Rebates and Discounts 

Minority Shareholdings and Interlocking Directorates 

Construction Industry 

Land Use Restrictions as Barriers to Entry 

Market Studies 

The Interface between Competition and Consumer Policies 



Refusals to Deal

Managing Complex Mergers

Trade Associations

Taxi Services Regulation and Competition

Facilitating Practices in Oligopolies 

Guidance to Business on Monopolisation and Abuse of Dominance 

Dynamic Efficiencies in Merger Analysis 

Competitive Restrictions in Legal Professions 

Energy Security and Competition Policy 

Public Procurement - The Role of Competition Authorities in Promoting Competition 

Vertical Mergers

Improving Competition in Real Estate Transactions



Evidentiary Issues in Proving Dominance

Plea Bargaining/Settlement of Cartel Cases

Competition, Patents and Innovation 

Private Remedies 

Competition and Regulation in Retail Banking 

Competition and Efficient Usage of Payment Cards 

Competition in Bidding Markets 

Remedies and Sanctions in Abuse of Dominance Cases 


Environmental Regulation and Competition 

Access to Key Transport Facilities 

Prosecuting Cartels Without Direct Evidence of Agreement 



Competition in the Provision of Hospital Services

The Impact of Substitute Services on Regulation

Barriers to Entry 

Resale Below Cost Laws and Regulations 

Structural Reform in the Rail Industry 

Evaluation of the Actions and Resources of Competition Authorities

Competition on the Merits



Competition and Regulation in Agriculture: Monopsony Buying and Joint Selling 

Predatory Foreclosure

Enhancing Beneficial Competititon in the Health Professions 

Intellectual Property Rights 

Regulating Market Activities by Public Sector 

Competition and Regulation in the Water Sector 



Cartels: Sanctions Against Individuals 

Merger Remedies 

Universal Service Obligations 

Media Mergers 



Competition Issues in the Electricity Sector 

Substantive Criteria Used for the Assessment of Mergers 

Communication by Competition Authorities 

Loyalty and Fidelity Discounts and Rebates 

Merger Review in Emerging High Innovation Markets 



Competition and Regulation Issues in Telecommunications 

Portfolio Effects in Conglomerate Mergers 

Competition Policy in Subsidies and State Aid 

Price Transparency 



Competition Issues in Road Transport 

Competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Competition Issues in Electronic Commerce 

Competition Issues in Joint Ventures 

Promoting Competition in the Natural Gas Industry 

Mergers in Financial Services 



Competition in Local Services: Solid Waste Management 

Competition in Professional Services 

Airline Mergers and Alliances 


Promoting Competition in Postal Services 



Buying Power of Multiproduct Retailers 

Relations between Regulators and Competition Authorities 

Competition Policy and Procurement Markets 

Competition and Regulation in Broadcasting in the Light of Convergence 

Competition and Related Regulation Issues in the Insurance Industry 

Enhancing the Role of Competition in the Regulation of Banks 



Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights 

Competition Policy and International Airport Services 

Railways: Structure, Regulation and Competition Policy 

Resale Price Maintenance 



Judicial Enforcement of Competition Law 

Application of Competition Policy to the Electricity Sector 

Competition Issues related to Sports 

General Cartel Bans: Criteria for Exemption for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 

Application of Competition Policy to High Tech Markets 

Abuse of Dominance and Monopolisation 

The Essential Facilities Concept 



The Reform of International Satellite Organisations 

Competition in Telecommunications 

Developments in Telecommunications: An Update (1997)

Developments in Telecommunications: Australia 

Developments in Telecommunications: Italy 

Developments in Telecommunications: Poland 

Efficiency Claims in Mergers and Other Horizontal Agreements 

Competition Policy and Film Distribution 

Failing Firm Defence 

Competition Policy and Environment





What's gender got to do with competition policy?, March 2018 

How is competition assessment supporting reforms in Greece?, Dec 2017

Algorithms and competition: Friends or foes?, Aug 2017

New energy in the electricity sector, May 2017

The end of the bargain? And should we worry?, Nov 2016

Disruptive innovation in legal services - promising for consumers and challenging for regulators, June 2016

Disruptive innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean, April 2016



Digital Economy, Innovation and Competition

Market Studies and Competition

Evaluation of Competition Interventions

International co-operation in competition 

Competitive Neutrality



Workshop on cartel screening in the digital era, 2018

Workshop on regulation and competition in light of digitalisation, 2018



Fighting Bid Rigging in IMSS Procurement: Impact of OECD Recommendations - 2018

Digital platforms and competition in Mexico, 2018

Individual and Collective Private Enforcement of Competition Law: Insights for Mexico, 2018

Standard Setting and Competition in Mexico, 2018

Market examinations in Mexico: Case study of the chicken meat market, 2018


Rethinking Antitrust Tools for Multi-Sided Platforms 2018

OECD Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy: Greece, 2018


OECD Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy: Viet Nam, 2018

Market Studies Guide for Competition Authorities

Competition Law in Asia-Pacific: A Guide to Selected Jurisdictions

Pecuniary Penalties for Competition Law Infringements in Australia 2018


Competition Assessment Review of Portugal: 2018



Competition Assessment Review of Mexico: 2018   

Algorithms and collusion: Competition policy in the digital age

A Step ahead: Competition policy for shared prosperity and inclusive growth

The resolution of competition cases by specialised and generalist courts: Stocktaking of international experiences 

Market examinations in Mexico: A Manual by the OECD Secretariat 


Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement: Report on implementing the 2012 OECD recommendation

Competition and market studies in Latin America

Competition and Market Studies in Latin America: The case of Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Peru


Challenges on International Co-operation in Competition Law Enforcement


Reference guide on ex-post evaluation of competition agencies’ enforcement decisions

Cover for the factsheet on how competition affects macro-economic outcomes

Factsheet on competition and macroeconomic outcomes

Guide on competition impact assessment


Access Discussion papers on current areas of work.


Competition and Knowledge-based capital (2013)

Procedural Fairness and Transparency (2012)

Competition and Procurement (2011)

Competition Issues in the Financial Sector (2011)



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OECD Recommendations on competition
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Competition assessment toolkit
Factsheet on competition and macroeconomic outcomes
Guidelines for fighting bid rigging
Guide for helping authorities assess the impact of their activities
Guiding principles for regulatory quality and performance
Inventory of MOUs between competition agencies
Inventory of international co-operation agreements on competition
Reference guide on ex-post evaluation of enforcement decisions

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