2022 Global Forum on Competition

2022 OECD Global Forum on Competition

1-2 December 2022  Paris

The OECD Global Forum on Competition brings together every year competition officials from over 110 authorities and organisations worldwide.

In 2022 the Forum had an open session on The goals of competition policy with Mathias CormannMargrethe Vestager and Rebeca Grynspan, amongst others.

Sessions open to competition authorities discussed Subsidies and Trade, Interactions with Sector Regulators and Remedies in Abuse Cases


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Over 100 competition authorities, international organisations and invited experts worldwide participate in the Global Forum every year. Participation is by invitation only and restricted to officials from competition authorities, government agencies and international/ regional organisations. Representatives of the business community and trade movements can contribute to the discussions through the Business and Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC), the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC). The Global Forum also welcomes the participation of Consumers International each year, an important voice for consumers, particularly in developing countries.

Session 1 will be open also to the public. For further queries, please contact


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Previous Forums

Since 2001, the OECD Global Forum on Competition has gathered high-level competition officials to discuss a wide variety of competition-related topics.  

Missed the 2021 edition? Watch Day 1 live on Youtube  (available in French). 

Summary report • Full set of documents

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Competition policy responses to COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has provoked a public health crisis without precedent in living memory. The OECD is contributing to a co-ordinated policy response across countries and competition policy is one dimension of that response. Access our dedicated page to see competition-related responses as well as other materials that can help guide the actions of governments and competition authorities in today's challenging times. » OECD competition policy responses to COVID-19



Frédéric Jenny

Diana Moss

Massimo Motta 

John Davies 

Richard Whish 

» More covid-related videos here

Key materials

OECD competition policy responses to COVID-19  27/04/2020  Also available in Spanish.


COVID-19: Competition policy actions for governments and competition authorities  30/04/2020


COVID-19: Managing operational challenges and enforcement risks for competition authorities  30/04/2020


COVID-19: Competition and emergency procurement  30/04/2020


Merger control in the time of COVID-19  25/05/2020


Exploitative pricing in the time of COVID-19  26/05/2020


Co-operation between competitors in the time of COVID-19  26/05/2020


PODCAST: What lessons can we learn for competition and global market? by Frédéric Jenny 


PAPER: Economic Resilience, Globalisation and Market Governance: Facing the Covid-19 Test by Frédéric Jenny


Competition policy in times of crisis: Special supplement to OECD-GVH July 2020 newsletter

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