Advantages and Disadvantages of Competition Welfare Standards



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  15 June 2023 - 10:00-13:00 CET OECD Conference Centre, Paris

Welfare standards in competition policy have been the subject of much debate. Often these discussions focus on a jurisdiction’s legislative history and what this infers the prevailing standard to be. Rather than seeking to address the question of what welfare standard should be applied in competition law enforcement, in June 2023, the OECD will hold a roundtable discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the consumer welfare standard compared to alternative standards. This roundtable seeks to understand the trade-offs that any particular standard requires and will try to tackle:

  • What welfare standards are available and how should these be defined?
  • What are the attributes that an ideal welfare standard should exhibit, such as legal certainty and predictability, ability to make society better overall, ease of administrability, democratic credibility or legitimacy etc?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the consumer welfare standard compared to alternatives given these attributes?
  • How do different jurisdictions balance these advantages and disadvantages?

The roundtable will benefit from the intervention of invited experts and an OECD background note.

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Invited speakers

Anna Gerbrandy Bio  
Full Professor of Competition Law at Utrecht University

Nicolas Petit Bio  
Professor of Competition Law, European University Institute

Carl Shapiro Bio  
Professor, University of California, Berkeley


OECD Background Note l Note de référence de l'OCDE


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