Enforcement: Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy


List of all proceedings of the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy series dealing with Enforcement (by alphabetical order).


Algorithms and collusion (2017)

Aftermarkets, Competition Issues in (2017)

Agency decision-making in merger cases: Prohibition and conditional clearances (2016) 

Arbitration and competition (2010)

Barriers to entry (2005)

Big data: Bringing competition policy to the digital era (2016)

Commitment decisions in antitrust cases (2016)

Commodity price volatility (2012)

Common ownership by institutional investors and its impact on competition (2017)

Communication by competition authorities (2002)

Corporate governance (2010)

Competition, patents and innovation II (2009) / Competition, patents and innovation (2006)

Competition policy and the informal economy (2009)

Competitive neutrality in competition policy (2015)

Consumer-facing remedies (2018)

Consumer policies (2008)

Cross-Border merger control: Challenges for developing and emerging economies (2011)

Digital Advertising Markets (2020)

Digital economy (2012)

E-commerce: Implications for Competition Policy (2018)

Economic evidence in merger analysis (2011)

Efficiency claims in antitrust proceedings (2012)

Efficiency claims in mergers and other horizontal agreements (1995)

Enhanced enforcement co-operation (2014)

Evaluation of the actions and resources of competition authorities (2005)

Evidentiary issues in proving dominance (2006)

Excessive prices (2011)

Experience with direct settlements in cartel cases (2008)

Extraterritorial reach of competition remedies (2017)

Geographic market definition across national borders (2016) 

Guidance to business on monopolisation and abuse of dominance (2007)

How can competition contribute to fairer societies? (2018)

Impact evaluation of merger decisions (2011)

Improving international co-operation in cartel investigations (2012)

Independence of competition authorities - from designs to practices (2016)

Information exchanges between competitors under competition law (2010)

Institutional design (changes) of competition authorities (2014)

Intellectual property and standard setting (2014)

Intellectual property rights (2004) / Intellectual property rights (1997)

Investigative powers in practice (2018)

Joint ventures (2000)

Judicial enforcement of competition law (1996)

Jurisdictional nexus in merger control regimes (2016)

Judicial perspectives on competition law (2017)

Leniency for subsequent applicants (2012)

Knowledge-based capital (2013) Key Findings

Managing complex mergers (2007)

Market concentration (2018)

Market definition (2012)

Market studies (2008)

Market study methodologies for competition authorities (2017)

Market studies as a tool to promote competition (2016)

Minority shareholdings and interlocking directorates (2008)

Multi-sided markets: rethinking the Use of Traditional Antitrust Enforcement Tools (2017)

Oligopoly markets (2015) / Oligopoly (1999)

Personalised Pricing in the Digital Era (2018)

Plea bargaining/Settlement of cartel cases (2006)

Poverty reduction (2013)

Presenting complex economic theories to judges (2008)

Price discrimination (2016)

Price transparency (2001)

Private remedies  (2006)

Procedural fairness and transparency: Key points  (2012)

Procedural fairness: Competition authorities, courts 
and recent developments

Procedural fairness: Issues in civil and administrative enforcement proceedings (2010)

Promoting compliance with competition law (2011)

Public interest considerations in merger control (2016)

Public and private antitrust enforcement in competition (2015)

Quality in competition analysis (Role and measurement of)  (2013)

Quantification of harm to competition by national courts and competition agencies (2012)

Regional competition agreements: Benefits and challenges (2018)

Remedies in merger cases (2011)

Safe harbours and legal presumptions in competition law (2017)

Sanctions in antitrust cases (2016)

Small agencies and those in developing economies: Overcoming adversity and attaining success (2017)

Standard for merger review (2009)

State-owned entreprises and competition (2018)

State-owned enterprises and the principle of competitive neutrality (2009)

Subsidies and state aid (2001)

Substantive criteria used for the assessment of mergers (2002)

Sustainability and competition (2020)

Quality considerations in the zero-price economy (2018)

Television and broadcasting (2013)

Treatment of legally privileged information in competition proceedings (2018)

Two-sided markets (2009)

Unilateral disclosure of information with anticompetitive effects (2012)


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