Competition Economics of Digital Ecosystems


 3 December 2020  Virtual 

Competition in the digital economy is increasingly a competition between ecosystems. The most successful digital companies in recent years have been building their business model around large ecosystems of complementary products and services around their core service. Integration of a wide range of products and services can deliver efficiency savings, potentially reducing prices. They can also potentially improve the consumer experience overall, by offering demand-side synergies which increase the ease with which a range of different services are accessed. However, there may also be potential competition concerns regarding digital ecosystems.

In December 2020, the OECD will hear from a range of experts on:

  • how competition between ecosystems works and how it may differ from competition between traditional firms;
  • the economics of ecosystems and the role that ecosystems play today in digital markets;
  • potential benefits and concerns of ecosystems for competition, and the reasons why some succeed and others fail
  • the consequences for enforcement of competition law from the proliferation of ecosystems. 

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Nicolas Petit on business and digital ecosystems

Invited speakers

Marc Bourreau   Bio   

Professor of Economics, TELECOM Paris (Institut polytechnique de Paris)

Amelia Fletcher  Bio   

Professor of Competition Policy, Norwich Business School

Nicolas Petit  Bio   

Professor of European Competition Law, European University Institute

Daniel A. Crane  Bio  

Frederick Paul Furth Sr. Professor of Law, University of Michigan

Georgios Petropoulos  Bio   

Post-Doctoral Associate, MIT


Expert papers

» Paper by Amelia Fletcher   

» Paper by Marc Bourreau

» Paper by Daniel A. Crane 

» Paper by Georgios Petropoulos

» Paper by Nicolas Petit & David J. Teece


Contributions from delegations




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