Reference guide on ex-post evaluation of competition agencies’ enforcement decisions



Date of Publication: 
April 2016



Reference Guide (English, pdf) • Guide de référence (Français, pdf)

Annex C: List of existing ex-post studies


Ex-post evaluations are a key tool for agencies to advocate the importance of their work and budget to stakeholders while improving their internal investigative and decision making process. 

The number of studies of this kind has grown considerably in the last decade and more authorities are undertaking them. 

This Reference Guide is an in-depth overview of all the issues linked to ex-post assessments and contains numerous examples and references.

It constitutes an excellent resource both for the competition authorities who are planning to start performing ex-post evaluations and for those who already do it but want to improve the quality of their assessment.

The reference guide was produced as part of the OECD work on the evaluation of competition agencies' interventions and concludes a 3-year work stream on the topic.


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