Competition issues in News Media and Digital Platforms


The internet represents a great potential for the news industry, and digital platforms increasingly contribute to the online distribution of news content.

However, many news publishers largely depend on digital platforms as key sources of traffic, and concerns have emerged regarding terms on which news content may be distributed and monetised. Digital platforms also changed news consumption, filtering and bundling content through algorithms.

In December 2021, the OECD discussed key questions that competition authorities are increasingly facing when considering competitive dynamics in these markets, in particular with regard to the commercial relationship between digital platforms and news publishers.

It explored the use and monetisation of news content, and the collection and use of users’ data, as well as digital platforms’ impact on news consumption and on incentives to amplify viral content (and potentially mis- and dis-information), considering whether these issues can be addressed through competition law.

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OECD Handbook on Competition Policy in the Digital Age 


On 23 February 2022, competition issues in news media and digital platforms were addressed at the fourth edition of the OECD Competition Open Day. 

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2022 OECD Competition Open Day - Replay of Panel 4. Media and Digital Platforms

Invited speakers

Andrea Prat

Professor, Richard Paul Richman Center for Business at Columbia Business School and Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Columbia University

Derek Wilding Bio 

Co-Director, Centre for Media Transition, Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney

Helen Jenkins Bio 

Managing Partner, Oxera 



Derek Wilding on digital platforms, news media and the role of competition law

Helen Jenkins and the economic issues in distribution of news through digital platforms

Andrea Prat on revenue of news organisations and supply of content


OECD Background Note (also available in French)

Detailed summary of the discussion EN / FR 

Executive summary with key findings EN / FR


Contributions from delegations







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Russian Federation

Chinese Taipei


Summaries of contributions

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