• 22-January-2015


    OECD bolsters relationship with Kazakhstan – Signs Kazakhstan Country Programme Agreement

    The OECD and the Government of Kazakhstan are signing today in Davos a Memorandum of Understanding on a two-year Country Programme, which will support an ambitious set of reforms of Kazakhstan’s policies and institutions.

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  • 22-December-2014


    Kazakhstan: Review of the Central Administration

    This review examines the functioning, structure and organisation of the central government and line ministries in Kazakhstan, as well as their capacities to implement national objectives and priorities, outlined in the Kazakhstan’s Vision 2050. It also focuses on tools, strategic management and accountability frameworks in the Government of Kazakhstan, in line with the strategic management principles outlined in the General Approaches to Modernization of Public Administration of Kazakhstan by 2020.
  • 10-December-2014


    Kazakhstan Statistics Agreement

    The OECD Statistics Directorate and the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a “Letter of Intent on Statistics” on 8 April 2014.

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  • 9-December-2014


    A Skills beyond School Review of Kazakhstan

    Vocational education and training (VET) programmes are facing rapid change and intensifying challenges. How can employers and unions be engaged? How can workbased learning be used? How can teachers and trainers be effectively prepared? How should postsecondary programmes be structured? This country report on Kazakhstan looks at these and other questions.
  • 29-October-2014


    Kazakhstan must sharpen its strategy and raise impact of its anti-corruption measures

    Kazakhstan’s new anti-corruption strategy must be better defined, involving key stakeholders, with targeted actions and goals that address the key corruption challenges facing the country, says a new OECD report by the Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan (IAP).

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  • 13-October-2014


    Capacity building seminar: Strengthening agricultural co-operatives in Kazakhstan (Trento, Italy)

    The aim of this seminar was to build institutional capacities and transfer methodologies to Kazakh policy makers in areas that will help improve the country’s agricultural competitiveness and support the development of small-scale production. It drew upon on OECD know-how and the Trento experience in agricultural cooperatives.

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  • 28-July-2014


    Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan: Towards Improved Implementation

    This report provides a set of recommendations and policy options for developing regulatory management policy and improving regulations in Kazakhstan.

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  • 10-April-2014

    English, PDF, 2,426kb

    Responsible Business Conduct in Kazakhstan

    The first in a series of country reports targeting the Central Asia and South Caucasus region, Responsible Business Conduct in Kazakhstan provides concise and basic information to investors on the existing responsible business conduct expectations in Kazakhstan.

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  • 23-décembre-2013


    Le Kazakhstan signe la Convention multilatérale concernant l'assistance administrative mutuelle en matière fiscale

    Le Kazakhstan est le 64ème pays à signer la Convention multilatérale concernant l’assistance administrative mutuelle en matière fiscale l’instrument international le plus puissant pour lutter contre l’évasion et la fraude fiscales internationales.

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