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National Health Accounts of Kazakhstan

This report assesses how Kazakhstan measures up in the development and application of its national health accounts, delivering a set of recommendations to improve the country’s health care financing information. As Kazakhstan has made significant economic progress over recent decades, health has risen on the policy agenda with a number of sector reforms introduced to modernise the system and improve the health of the population. Informing this agenda and monitoring progress towards health system goals requires accurate, timely and comprehensive information on health care financing and spending. A clear understanding of the resource allocations and drivers in the health sector is a prerequisite to support health system performance in Kazakhstan.

Published on February 27, 2018Also available in: Russian

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive Summary
Assessment and recommendations
Introduction and overview
The health financing system in Kazakhstan
National health accounts of Kazakhstan
Reporting and data sources
Adjusting NHA of RK to improve comparability with OECD countries
Productivity and efficiency indicators
Annexes2 chapters available
Classifications currently used in nha of rk
OECD adjusted NHA of RK tables
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