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  • 10-August-2005


    Policy tools for regulatory quality assurance

    This page provides information on tools which can be used to improve regulatory quality to assess existing or proposed legislation and regulations.

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  • 9-August-2005

    English, , 10kb

    The OECD Reference Checklist for Regulatory Decision-Making

    This checklist was approved by the OECD Council in 1995, the fist internatioanlly accepted set of principles on regulatory quality.

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  • 15-June-2005


    RIA in OECD Countries and Challenges for Developing Countries

    This paper presents, discusses and analyses the use of RIA in OECD memberstates, and identifies challenges for developing countries in establishing appropriate RIA systems.

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  • 15-mars-2005

    Français, , 197kb

    Liste de référence commune APEC-OCDE sur la réforme de la réglementation

    Cette liste de référence commune APEC-OCDE sur la réforme de la réglementation est le résultat de trois années de consultations menées lors de plusieurs ateliers dans le cadre de l'Initiatve de coopération APEC-OCDE sur la réforme de la réglementation.

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  • 15-April-2004


    RIA Inventory

    The RIA Inventaory compares key elements of RIA systems in OECD countries such as type of analysis, scope of coverage, public disclosure, quality control, cost-benefit analysis, social discount rate, risk assessment, effects on competition and market openness, and ex-post monitoring.

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  • 2-October-2001

    English, , 28kb

    APEC Principles to Enhance Competition and Regulatory Reform

    These are the Principles that were included in the September 1999 APEC declaration for supporting growth through strong and open markets.

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