Towards a Child-friendly Justice System in Latvia

Implementing the Barnahus model

Latvia’s current National Development Plan, approved in 2020, sets out a clear vision for the Latvian justice system by 2027. This includes establishing international standards and good practices in the development of national policies to build a child-friendly justice system. This report assesses the benefits of implementing the Barnahus model in Latvia as a child-friendly and interagency one-stop shop to support children exposed to violence or abuse as well as those who have witnessed violence. It examines a whole-of-state approach to promote a justice system that is more people- and child-friendly, incorporating sound governance mechanisms. This report provides recommendations for delivering more targeted and accessible child-friendly justice services in Latvia, as well as different approaches used in OECD Member and partner countries to close justice inequality gaps. 

Available from April 13, 2023


Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations for a child-friendly justice system in Latvia
Building a child-friendly justice system in Latvia: setting the context
Co-ordination, governance and culture of a child-friendly system in Latvia
A child-friendly continuum of justice services: what works?
The Barnahus integrated service model and its implementation in Latvia: a cost-benefit analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis Model Characteristics
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