Competitiveness in South East Europe 2021

A Policy Outlook

The future sustainable economic development and well-being of citizens in South East Europe depend on greater economic competitiveness. Reinforcing the region’s economic potential in a post-COVID-19 context requires a holistic, inclusive and growth‑oriented approach to policy making. Against the backdrop of enhanced European Union (EU) accession prospects and a drive towards deeper regional integration, the governments of the six Western Balkan (WB6) economies have demonstrated a renewed commitment to enacting policy reforms. The third edition of Competitiveness in South East Europe: A Policy Outlook comprehensively assesses policy reforms in the WB6 economies across 16 policy dimensions crucial to their competitiveness. It leverages a highly participatory assessment process, which brought together the views of OECD experts, WB6 policy makers and local non-governmental stakeholders to create a balanced and realistic depiction of their performance. The report seeks to provide WB6 policy makers with a multi-dimensional benchmarking tool, enabling them to compare performance against regional peers as well as OECD good practices, and to design future policies based on rich evidence and actionable policy recommendations. Economy-specific profiles complement the regional assessment for the first time in this edition of Competitiveness in South East Europe: A Policy Outlook, and provide each WB6 economy with an in-depth analysis of their competitive potential as well as policy recommendations tailored to their specific challenges to inform their structural economic reforms and sustainable development agenda.

Published on July 05, 2021

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Economic context
Assessment methodology and process
Overview of key findings
The Competitiveness Outlook 2021 scoring model for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Assessment findings by policy dimension16 chapters available
Investment policy and promotion (Dimension 1)
Trade policy (Dimension 2)
Access to finance (Dimension 3)
Tax policy (Dimension 4)
Competition policy (Dimension 5)
State-owned enterprises (Dimension 6)
Education policy (Dimension 7)
Employment policy (Dimension 8)
Science, technology and innovation (Dimension 9)
Digital society (Dimension 10)
Transport policy (Dimension 11)
Energy policy (Dimension 12)
Environment policy (Dimension 13)
Agriculture policy (Dimension 14)
Tourism policy (Dimension 15)
Anti-corruption policy (Dimension 16)
Competitiveness Outlook assessment: Western Balkan profiles6 chapters available
Albania profile
Bosnia and Herzegovina profile
Kosovo profile
Montenegro profile
North Macedonia profile
Serbia profile
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