Innovation for Water Infrastructure Development in the Mekong Region

Water-related infrastructure could contribute significantly to the development of the Mekong region. At the same time, poor water infrastructure could lead to development challenges for the countries in the region. Innovation for Water Infrastructure Development in the Mekong Region discusses the challenges facing the region as well as the possible innovative policy options, including those used in Emerging Asian countries, and with reference to the experiences of OECD member countries. It provides analysis and recommendations for the region’s policy makers to consider in their efforts to improve water infrastructure. The report first provides an overview of the socio-economic contributions and environmental challenges of the Mekong River. It then presents some potential new financing options for the development of water infrastructure, using digital tools such as Fintech and blockchain. It also examines the potential of using the spillover effect of tax revenues to attract private finance. It then goes on to discuss the importance of strengthening water infrastructure resilience against natural disasters, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, and finally analyses the challenges of water regulations in the Mekong region.

Published on August 31, 2020

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Executive summary
Overview: Innovative approaches to building resilient water infrastructure in the Mekong region
Key water-related development challenges in the Mekong River Basin – Brief overview
The potential of digital infrastructure financing: Fintech and blockchain
Inducing private finance to water supply and inland water transport using spillover tax revenues
Water infrastructure resilient to natural disasters and COVID-19
Challenges of water regulation in the Mekong region
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