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Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities in Latin America

The review examines how higher education institutions are supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in their surrounding communities. The study focuses on eleven universities located in six countries in Latin America: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The study finds that selected institutions are actively supporting entrepreneurs (university students, but also local entrepreneurs) through courses, incubation and acceleration activities. It also shows that universities are actively engaging with external stakeholders in their surrounding communities, to spur innovation through joint-research, organisation of events (such as festivals, competition). It finds that that while COVID-19 pandemic brought about some challenges, universities managed to stay afloat and keep a steady stream of support to entrepreneurs and partners. The review also illustrates the challenges that universities face when developing these activities (lack of funding, unclear regulation for intellectual property development, etc.) and highlights some opportunities that universities should leverage, particularly in the current context.

Available from October 04, 2022

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Executive Summary
Universities as drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship3 chapters available
Innovation and higher education ecosystems in Latin America
Entrepreneurship education
Knowledge exchange and collaboration
A review of selected universities’ entrepreneurial and innovation activities6 chapters available
Case studies in Mexico
Case studies in Colombia
Case studies in Chile
Case studies in Brazil
Case study in Argentina
Case study in Uruguay
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