La cohérence des politiques pour le développement durable

Fourth Meeting of the National Focal Points for PCD, 9 February 2012





Angel Gurría,Secretary-General, OECD

Birgit Schnieber-Jastram, Member of the European Parliament and Standing Rapporteur for PCD



  • The ongoing rush for land in Sub-Saharan Africa, bio fuels and the importance of developing country partners in PCD, Aeron Leopold (Global Governance Institute)
  • Spotlight on EU Policy Coherence for Development, Laust Gregersen (CONCORD, Denmark)
  • Institutional mechanisms for PCD - Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews, Karen Jorgensen (OECD/Development Co-operation Directorate)
  • PCD impact studies in Practice - Ghana and Rwanda, Suzan Cornelissen (Evert Vermeer Foundation)
  • Promoting Policy Coherence for Development - exploring new opportunities for measurement, Niels Keijzer (European Centre for Development Policy Making)


Meeting documentation

  • Policies in OECD countries across a range of sectors (agriculture, aid, trade etc.) that can have a significant impact on food security. Alan Matthews,Trinity College Dublin
  • Policy coherence for development: Mapping issues of incoherence and proposed actions  Policy coherence for development: the effect of OECD countries’ agricultural policies on developing countries - Jonathan Brooks


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