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OECD Public Governance Reviews: Paraguay

Pursuing National Development through Integrated Public Governance

Paraguay has identified public governance reform as an important tool for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth. This review examines areas of public governance such as co-ordination across administrative silos, strengthening links between budgeting and planning, and enhancing the decentralisation process to improve development outcomes in all regions of the country. It also assesses the management of the civil service, as well as the implementation of open government strategies and initiatives to involve citizens and businesses in the policy cycle. This review provides concrete recommendations to support public governance reform in Paraguay.

Published on July 03, 2018Also available in: Spanish

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Executive Summary
Assessment and Recommendations
Setting the scene: Good governance for a more sustainable and inclusive Paraguay
Enhancing the strategic role of the Centre of Government of Paraguay
Linking strategic planning to budgeting
Multi-level Governance in Paraguay: reinforcing the territorial dimension for a more strategic administration
Building a professional and performance-driven civil service
Open Government in Paraguay
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