Centre pour des environnements pédagogiques efficaces (CELE)


  • Le Centre pour des environnements pédagogiques efficaces (CELE) est un forum international unique qui rassemble diverses perspectives et expériences pratiques pour traiter des questions de politiques éducatives relatives à l’environnement pédagogique.

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Video for “Designing for Education
This video showcases the top 6 facilities in CELE’s flagship publication “Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011”.


  Upgrading School Buildings in Mexico with Social Participation (forthcoming)
This report presents a CELE review conducted in 2012 on Mexico’s Better Schools Programme, which was created to repair and improve the physical infrastructure of 16 000 schools providing basic education in Mexico.


  Modernising Secondary School Buildings in Portugal
This policy review presents a CELE review of a major programme by the Portuguese government to rehabilitate secondary schools in Portugal.


  Standardised Design for School: Old solution, new context?
This short report from a CELE members-only webinar presents experiences using standardised design for schools in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Mexico and Portugal.