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OECD Investment Policy Review of Southeast Asia




26 February 2019



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26 February 2019 - This report builds on national reviews of seven countries in Southeast Asia. It looks at common challenges across the region and at the interplay between regional initiatives and national reforms. It allows for a discussion of more thematic issues than are usually considered in the country-level reviews, including the possible role of regional initiatives in driving reform.

The report covers:

  • FDI trends in Southeast Asia, particularly in services
  • the unfinished agenda of FDI liberalisation in the region
  • the role of liberalisation in boosting productivity both in services and overall
  • the evolution of investment protection in Southeast Asia
  • towards a smarter use of tax incentives in the region
  • how promoting and enabling responsible business conduct can help to maximise the development impact of investment




OECD Investment Policy Review of Southeast Asia

Towards Smarter Use of Tax Incentives in Southeast Asia

Developing and Liberalising Services to Boost Productivity in Southeast Asia


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