Disaster risk financing


Enhancing the Financial Protection Against Catastrophe Risks : The Role of Catastrophe Risk Programmes

The financial management of catastrophe risks presents an important public policy challenge for governments across the world. Climate change, the increasing reliance on digital technologies and socioeconomic trends such as globalisation and urbanisation are affecting the frequency and severity of the floods, cyclones, cyber-attacks and infectious disease outbreaks that produce significant financial, economic and social costs each year.

The report examines the role of catastrophe risk insurance programmes in broadening the availability of affordable insurance coverage for catastrophe risks and limiting risks to public finances. 

OECD guidance on disaster risk financing strategies

The effective financial management of disaster risks is a key public policy challenge for governments around the world, particularly those faced with significant exposures to such risks and/or limited capacity to manage the financial impacts of natural and/or man-made disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, terrorist attacks, industrial and technological accidents, and pandemics.

With these considerations in mind, the OECD has adopted a Recommendation on Disaster Risk Financing Strategies that provides guidance on the development of strategies for the financial management of disaster risks.


OECD work on disaster risk financing

Under the guidance of the High-Level Advisory Board on the Financial Management of Catastrophic Risks and the OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee, the OECD supports the development of strategies for the financial management of natural and man-made disaster risks through the development of guidance and analysis and the sharing of experience and best practices through meetings and seminars.

OECD-ADB joint report on tech innovation for disaster risk management and financing

This joint OECD and ADB report on Leveraging Technology and Innovation for Disaster Risk Management and Financing examines how emerging technologies and innovation can improve the management of disaster and climate risks and the availability and affordability of financial protection tools.



Financial Management of Earthquake Risk, 2018

Financial Management of Flood Risk, 2016

Disaster risk financing: A global survey of practices and challenges, 2015

Financial instruments for managing disaster risks related to climate change, 2015 




OECD-ADBI-ADBC Workshop on Developing the elements of a disaster risk financing strategy in Asia, 8-9 May 2018, Bangkok

, 24 June 2016, Tokyo

OECD Conference on the financial management of flood risk12-13 May 2016, Paris


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The OECD’s Insurance and Private Pensions Committee (IPPC) has organised roundtables in 2022 and 2023 that gathered stakeholders to share experience and identify solutions to address financial protection gaps  – summaries of those discussions are available here:

December 2022

December 2023



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