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The Geography of Firm Dynamics: Measuring Business Demography for Regional Development

The Geography of Firm Dynamics provides methods and data to measure and analyse business demography across OECD regions. It first discusses the methodological challenges of measuring consistently the creation and destruction of businesses at the subnational scale and from an international perspective. Second, it presents a novel database that not only makes such comparison possible but also provides the basis for an analysis of the major trends in business dynamics across regions. The report identifies regional factors that are associated with entrepreneurship and also examines the impact of business creation on regional employment. The Geography of Firm Dynamics provides a tool for national and local policy makers to design strategies for healthier business environments that are tailored to the specific characteristics of each region, thereby boosting prosperity.

Published on December 05, 2017

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Foreword and Acknowledgements
Executive summary
The case for regional business demography
Measuring business demography at the level of regions: Methods and challenges
Regional dynamics from an enterprise approach
Regional business employment dynamics
Measuring regional business employment dynamics from micro-aggregation of administrative data
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