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SEMINAR: Fostering business attractiveness of Trentino (Italy)


 5 December 2017 Trento, Italy

Seminar on business support and territorial marketing

The OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development supported the Autonomous Province of Trento by co-organising this event and bringing its international vision and expertise

Event rationale

The business attractiveness of a territory is an open challenge. Territories, both in Europe and internationally, struggle to establish framework conditions enabling the local companies to flourish and attracting international companies and investors.

The overall attractiveness is the resulting mix of a number of factors ranging from specific subsidy measures and favourable legislative framework - overcoming the normative and bureaucratic burdens - to wider context conditions, as social security, international and competitive scholar system, availability of skilled human resources and dynamic labour market, friendly institutions and good living standards for people.

Trentino undertook a comprehensive action in order to structurally improve the general conditions for enhancing its attractiveness and its business climate. More specifically the Province government adopted a specific Act to deal with the matter (l.p. 10/2012) and in 2016 established the interdepartmental working group for business controls simplification under the coordination of the Department of Institutional and Legislative Affairs. This working group delivered a plan to simplify business controls which also comprises a relevant set of actions to support the competitiveness of the Trentino territory.


This seminar focused on the main challenges concerning the necessary actions to overcome existing burdens – administrative firstly but also financial and concerning business service available at local level - and to ease the start-up of new and innovative business as well as attract FDI and international business.


The objective was to offer a sound blend of collective remarks on the current trend and measures on territorial business attractiveness at national and international level, facilitating policy reflections on the state of the art in Trentino and presenting stimulating case studies to trigger the discussion among participants.


The participants were representatives of institutional stakeholders and organisations involved in the theme of attractiveness and territorial competitiveness policies. The event also addresseed the Trentino Province civil servants participating to the working tables on governance set up as part of the capacity building programme for the simplification of business control measures.


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Agenda (Italian version)

Working language

Italian/German (simultaneous interpretation will be provided)


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