Évaluation des programmes de développement

What is being evaluated? Sharing member evaluation plans


The DAC Network on Development Evaluation has long been in the lead of promoting collaboration and joint work among development partners.

To enhance transparency and facilitate identification of opportunities for collaboration, members of the Network have agreed to systematically share evaluation plans and work programmes. This page facilitates sharing to encourage collaboration in various stages of the evaluation process and provide an overview of current trends in development evaluation.

The evaluation plan inventory below is based on plans provided to the secretariat by members and includes both set plans and initial ideas.

    • Members can have a quick overview of the main topics to be evaluated, the geographical distribution and opportunities for joint work.
    • The interactive word cloud and maps allow filtering information by a simple click.
    • The list below provides details, including the entity responsible for the evaluation, the sector, the country / territory or region, the start and end year of the evaluation, at which stage the exercise is and whether the evaluation is a joint exercise. 


To update or correct information in the inventory, please contact the secretariat.

These evaluations are not official work programmes and the information presented in this inventory is subject to change.


If the chart below does not display, please click here to view the non-embeded version.






        Download evaluation reports fom DEReC 


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