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  • 29-June-2021


    2021 OECD-ADBI Roundtable on Insurance and Retirement Savings in Asia

    The Roundtable will focus on the discussion of key issues in Asia and Pacific markets with the aim of sharing experiences and good practices for the sound development of policies related to insurance and private pension markets. The event is co-hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), with sponsorship from the Government of Japan.

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  • 23-March-2021


    Webinar on Addressing the Protection Gap for Pandemic Risk

    This webinar focused on the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on different types of policyholders, the challenges that insurers and reinsurers face in extending greater support and the steps needed to find a solution to ensure that the financial impacts of infectious disease outbreaks are better managed in the future.

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  • 19-March-2021


    Insurance and COVID-19

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has provoked a public health crisis without precedent in living memory. Part of the OECD's co-ordinated policy response across countries, this page groups insurance-related responses from the OECD that can help guide the actions of governments, supervisors and industry.

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  • 11-March-2021


    OECD Insurance Statistics 2020

    This annual publication shows official insurance statistics for all OECD countries including data on premiums collected, claims, and commissions by type of insurance; investments by type of investment; and numbers of companies and employees. The data, which are standardised as far as possible, are broken down under numerous sub-headings, and a series of indicators makes the characteristics of the national markets more readily comprehensible.
  • 23-February-2021


    Long Term Care and Healthcare Insurance

    Ageing is affecting many OECD countries and, as demographic change progresses, governments will be challenged to identify financially sustainable ways to support the care of ageing populations. The OECD’s Insurance and Private Pensions Committee launched a project on long-term care and health insurance in 2017. This page provides access to the reports published to date.

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  • 29-June-2020

    English, PDF, 1,137kb

    Insurance Markets in Figures, 2020

    29 June 2020 - Preliminary data for 2019 show that gross premiums rose in most countries, especially in the non-life sector, continuing the global growth observed in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic may however curb the positive premium and investment income growth.

  • 28-January-2020


    The Impact of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Insurance Sector

    While much benefit can be expected from big data and AI, there are also a number of risks that require policy considerations. General guidance or regulation related to the use of big data and application of AI could eventually be developed by governments, and the insurance sector should be prepared to incorporate them in their specific context.

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  • 7-March-2019


    OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee Elects New Chair

    07/03/2019 - The OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee (IPPC) has confirmed the appointment of Mr Yoshihiro Kawai, Advisor to the Commissioner, Japan Financial Services Agency, as its Chair.

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  • 22-March-2018

    English, PDF, 1,484kb

    Lithuania: Review of the insurance system

    This review of Lithuania by the OECD's Insurance and Private Pensions Committee and Working Party on Governmental Experts on Insurance examines Lithuania's position with respect to core principles related to insurance systems.

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  • 8-December-2017


    Enhancing the Role of Insurance in Cyber Risk Management

    The digital transformation of economic activities is creating significant opportunities for innovation, convenience and efficiency. However, recent major incidents have highlighted the digital security and privacy protection risks that come with an increased reliance on digital technologies. While not a substitute for investing in cyber security and risk management, insurance coverage for cyber risk can make a significant contribution to the management of cyber risk by promoting awareness about exposure to cyber losses, sharing expertise on risk management, encouraging investment in risk reduction and facilitating the response to cyber incidents. This report provides an overview of the financial impact of cyber incidents, the coverage of cyber risk available in the insurance market, the challenges to market development and initiatives to address those challenges. It includes a number of policy recommendations which support the development of the cyber insurance market and contribute to improving the management of cyber risk.
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