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What makes a "world class regulator"?


Will the train be on time? Can I drink the tap water?  Will the lights stay on? Can I connect to the internet?


Regulatory agencies are at the forefront of making sure citizens and industry have access to fundamental services. They also operate in a context of increasing complexity, technological disruption and constrained resources, while having to manage uncertainty and create enjoyable, prosperous and safe places to live, work and do business.


The OECD Network of Economic Regulators (NER) promotes dialogue between over 70 regulators from across the world that operate in different sectors like communications, energy, transport and water. NER members share their experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions, and together define what makes a “world class regulator” that is equipped to face the future. The Secretariat supports the NER via the development of guidance, analytical work and thematic or institutional reviews, under the guidance of the NER Bureau.


You can consult the full list of NER participants here.


For further information, to attend a meeting or find out about becoming a member of the NER, please contact Martha Baxter.


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