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The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Economic Regulators

The pace and scope of emerging technologies are creating a sea change for governments and for regulators. They challenge economic regulation by blurring the traditional definition of markets, for example, and by transcending administrative boundaries domestically and internationally. At the same time, the digital transformation is an excellent opportunity for regulators themselves to harness the power of data and digital tools to improve regulation and its delivery. Seizing this opportunity will require fit-for-purpose regulatory frameworks and governance arrangements. This report brings together case studies submitted by members of the OECD Network of Economic Regulators that highlight how regulators have analysed and tackled these issues. The case studies span nine countries and a wide range of sectors (communication, transport, energy, environmental protection) and provide concrete examples of how regulators are responding to innovation in the sectors that they oversee.

Published on November 16, 2020

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Executive summary
The impact of emerging technologies on economic regulators
Case studies on regulator mandates and management capacity, and on the use of emerging technologies by regulators14 chapters available
Is Australia’s economic regulatory framework for communications fit for purpose in the face of market transformation? Case study on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Adapting to significant change through growth in functions and resourcing: Case study on the Australian Energy Regulator (AER)
Using new technologies to map transport flows in Brazil: Case study on the National Land Transportation Regulatory Agency (ANTT)
Lessons from the Regulatory Modernisation Initiative: Case study on the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA)
New approaches to regulating transport in Finland: Case study on the Transport and Communications Agency (TRAFICOM)
Developing data driven regulation for the digital ecosystem in France: Case study on the Electronic Communications, Postal and Print Media Distribution Regulatory Authority (ARCEP)
Impacts of digital transformation on markets and regulation in the French land transport sector: Case study on the Transport Regulatory Authority (ART)
Enhancing foresight capacity to enlighten the future of the energy sector and its regulation in France: Case study on the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)
How EPA Ireland is using new technologies in its regulatory processes: Case study on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Approached to big data and disinformation strategies in Italy: Case study on the  Telecommunications Regulator (AGCOM)
Regulation of non-scheduled road transport passenger services in Italy: Case study on the Transport Regulation Authority (ART)
Supervising electricity and mining companies with drones and virtual reality in Peru: Case study on the Energy and Mining Regulator (Osinergmin)
Digitalisation of processes and regulatory delivery in the Peruvian telecommunications sector: Case study on the Telecommunications Regulator (OSIPTEL)
The panorama of Portuguese water regulation: Case study on the Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority (ERSAR)
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