Cartels and anti-competitive agreements

List of Best practice roundtable (competition)


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Best Practice Roundtable Documents


Abuse of Dominance and Monopolisation 

Communication by Competition Authorities

Competition and Regulation in Agriculture: Monopsony Buying and Joint Selling 

Airline Mergers and Alliances

Airport Services

Barriers to Entry 

Competition in Bidding Markets 

Competition and Regulation in Broadcasting in the Light of Convergence

Buying Power of Multiproduct Retailers

Cartels: Sanctions Against Individuals

General Cartel Bans: Criteria for Exemption for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 

Competition on the Merits 


Dynamic Efficiencies in Merger Analysis 

Efficiency Claims in Mergers and Other Horizontal Agreements 

Application of Competition Policy to the Electricity Sector

Competition Issues in the Electricity Sector 

Competition Issues in Electronic Commerce

Energy Security and Competition Policy

Competition Policy and Environment

Environmental Regulation and Competition

The Essential Facilities Concept 

Evaluation of the Actions and Resources of Competition Authorities

Failing Firm Defence

Competition Policy and Film Distribution 

Mergers in Financial Services 

Guidance to Business on Monopolisation and Abuse of Dominance  

Enhancing Beneficial Competition in the Health Professions

Application of Competition Policy to High Tech Markets

Competition in the Provision of Hospital Services 

Competition and Related Regulation Issues in the Insurance Industry

Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights

The Interface between Competition and Consumer Policies 

Competition Issues in Joint Ventures

Judicial Enforcement of Competition Law

Competitive Restrictions in Legal Professions 

Competition in Local Services: Solid Waste Management

Loyalty and Fidelity Discounts and Rebates 

Regulating Market Activities by Public Sector

Media Mergers 

Merger Review in Emerging High Innovation Markets 

Substantive Criteria Used for the Assessment of Mergers 

Merger Remedies 

Promoting Competition in the Natural Gas Industry

Non-Commercial Service Obligations and Liberalization 


Competition, Patents and Innovation 

Competition and Efficient Usage of Payment Cards 

Competition and Regulation Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Plea Bargaining/Settlement of Cartel Cases 

Portfolio Effects in Conglomerate Mergers 

Promoting Competition in Postal Services

Predatory Foreclosure 

Price Transparency 

Private Remedies 

Competition Policy and Procurement Markets 

Prosecuting Cartels Without Direct Evidence of Agreement 

Competition in Professional Services

Public Procurement - The Role of Competition Authorities in Promoting Competition 

Railways (1997)Promoting Competition in Postal Services

Structural Reform in the Rail Industry

Improving Competition in Real Estate Transactions Buying Power of Multiproduct Retailers

Regulation of Banks

Relations between Regulators and Competition Authorities

Remedies and Sanctions in Abuse of Dominance Cases 

Resale Below Cost Laws and Regulations 

Resale Price Maintenance 

Competition and Regulation in Retail Banking 

Competition Issues in Road Transport 

The Reform of International Satellite Organisations 

Competition Issues related to Sports 

Competition Policy in Subsidies and State Aid

The Impact of Substitute Services on Regulation 

Competition in Telecommunications 

Competition and Regulation Issues in Telecommunications

Access to Key Transport Facilities 

Vertical Mergers 

Competition and Regulation in the Water Sector 


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