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International Conference on Measuring Well-being “Beyond GDP” in Asia, South-East Asia, and Korea, 19-20 September 2023, Seoul, Korea

Calls to go “beyond GDP” have prompted many countries to put people’s well-being, inclusiveness, and sustainability at the centre of public policy. In particular, Asia, South-East Asia and Korea have achieved remarkable economic progress over the last half a century. Despite these achievements, key challenges, including demographic changes, inequalities in social development and opportunities, and environmental degradation, remain. The OECD WISE Centre and Statistics Korea are organising jointly this conference in order to share the OECD’s works on complementing macroeonomic indicators like GDP with the OECD Well-Being Framework and country experience in measuring well-being. The Conference will offer an opportunity to discuss multidimensional approaches to measuring the outcomes that matter to people, focusing on the Asian context and also address the highly interconnected challenges that the Asian countries are facing.

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Launch of the new OECD report How to Make Societies Thrive? Coordinating Approaches to Promote Well-being and Mental Health, 17 October 2023

Good mental health is a vital part of people’s well-being. Our new report uses the OECD Well-being Framework to systematically review how people’s economic, social, relational, civic and environmental experiences shape and are, in turn, shaped by their mental health. During the event, key findings from the report will be presented followed by a panel discussion with experts from countries that aim to develop integrated policy approaches to simultaneously promote better well-being and mental health outcomes.

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OECD World Forums on Well-being

For close to two decades, the OECD World Forums on Well-being, also known as the World Forums on "Statistics, Knowledge and Policy" have been pushing forward the boundaries of well-being measurement and policy. By bringing together thousands of leaders, experts and practitioners from around the world, and from all sectors of society, the Forums have helped to shape the ongoing paradigm shift to emphasise people’s well-being as the ultimate focus for policies and collective action. The next Forum will be taking place in Europe in 2024, stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Incheon, Korea

The Future of Well-being (6th edition)
27-29 November 2018

Final Forum Statement
Incheon Declaration

Guadalajara, Mexico

Transforming Policy, Changing Lives (5th edition)
13-15 October 2015

> Summary report (English) (Spanish
Speakers photos and biographies 

New Delhi, India

Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy Making (4th edition)
16-19 October 2012 

Highlights and conclusions
> Speakers photos and biographies

Busan, Korea

Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life (3rd edition)
27-30 October 2009

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> Programme


Istanbul, Turkey

Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies (2nd edition)
27-30 June 2007

> Istanbul declaration


Palermo, Italy

OECD World Forum on Key Indicators (1st edition)
10-13 November 2004

Highlights of the Conference

Past events

> Launch of Measuring Progress towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Japan, 24 April 2023, Virtual event (see agenda in Japanese) - Watch the recording (recording in Japanese)

Workshop on the Built Environment, Well-being and Sustainability, 4 April 2023,  Virtual event - Watch the recording

Does Inequality Matter? How People Perceive Economic Disparities and Social Mobility in Japan, 8 December 2022, Hybrid event

> Launch of the Observatory on Social Mobility and Equal Opportunity, 25 November 2022, Hybrid event - Watch the recording

Steering child well-being policies with good data, 5 July 2022, Virtual event - Watch the recording

Implementing a well-being approach to policy and international partnerships in Latin America, Virtual event series, 28, 29 and 30 June 2022 

Well-being Analytics for Policy Use in Italy: Incorporating Equitable and Sustainable Well-being Indicators in Policy and Budget Decision-making, 30 May 2022, Virtual event - Watch the recording

> Launch of The Short and Winding Road to 2030: Measuring the Distance to the SDGs, 27 April 2022, Virtual event

Well-being and mental health – Towards an integrated policy approach, 6-9 December 2021, Virtual event

Building back better lives: A pandemic recovery that works for well-being, 25 November 2021, Virtual event

Building on the Economy of Well-being, 24 November 2021, Virtual event

Progress towards mainstreaming impact management, 23 November 2021, Virtual event

> Launch of Does Inequality Matter? How People Perceive Economic Disparities and Social Mobility, 18 November 2021, Virtual event

> Launch of How's Life in Latin America? Measuring Well-being for Policy Making, 28 October 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Charlotte Alldritt on the Impact of COVID-19 on Local Communities and Inclusive Growth, 7 October 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Marita Jacob and Michèle Tertilt on Gender Inequalities during the COVID-19 Pandemic, 29 September 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Laura Khoury on Spatial Inequalities during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic, 8 July 2021, Virtual event

> Inequalities in Household Wealth and Financial Insecurity of Households, 6 July 2021, Virtual event - Watch the recording

Launch of Measuring What Matters for Child Well-being and Policies, 1 July 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Prof. Andrew Steptoe on Socio-economic Inequalities in Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic, 29 June 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Prof. Stefanie Stantcheva on Inequalities in the Times of a Pandemic, 16 June 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Andreas Schleicher and Alexander Patzina on Education - One Year into the COVID Pandemic, 7 June 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Prof. Bert B. Brunekreef on the Air Pollution and COVID-19, 27 May 2021, Virtual event

A Green Transition: Ensuring a Fair and Equitable Recovery, 25 May 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Prof. Abi Adams-Prassl on the Impact of COVID-19 on Economic Inequality and Employment Progression, 11 May 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Thor Indseth and Herbert Brücker on the Impact of COVID-19 on Migrant Health and Labour Market Outcomes, 6 May 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Prof. Conchita D'Ambrosio on The Fall in Income Inequality during COVID-19 in Four European Countries, 13 April 2021, Virtual event

> Webinar with Sir Angus Deaton on COVID-19 and Global Income Inequality, 30 March 2021, Virtual event

Mind the Gender Gap: Connecting business and governments to build back better, 25 March 2021, Virtual event

Launch of How Was Life? Volume II - New Perspectives on Historical Global Inequality, 25 March 2021, Virtual event

Launch of the OECD Centre on Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE), 25 November 2020, Virtual event - Read the Highlights - Watch the recording

Webinar series: Measuring people's perceptions, evaluations and experiences, September-October 2020, Virtual events

> Securing the recovery, ambition and resilience for the well-being of children in the post-Covid-19 decade, 13 October 2020, Virtual event

The changing political economy of structural reform, 29 November 2019, Paris

Building resilience in vulnerable children, 19 November 2019, Paris

Metrics that make a difference: International conference on the policy uses of well-being and sustainable development indicators in Latin America and the Caribbean, 23-24 October 2019, Bogotá

Putting well-being metrics into policy action, 3-4 October 2019, Paris

Addressing the hidden dimensions of poverty, 10 May 2019, Paris

Paris Peace Forum, 11-13 November 2018, Paris

Labour productivity and the digital economy, 26-27 July 2018, Paris

Global forum on responsible business conduct, 20-21 June 2018, Paris

People versus machines: The impact of minimum wages on automatable jobs, 18 June 2018, Paris

> NAEC lecture with Sir Angus Deaton on "Why is global poverty so hard to measure and to eradicate?", 16 May 2018, Paris

OECD conference on wealth inequalities: Measurement and policies, 26 April 2018, Paris

Impact of inequality on the future elderly, 5-6 April 2018

The role of business and government in promoting inclusive growth, 23 January 2018, Paris

International Diversity Forum, 22 January 2018

> OECD workshop on measuring business impacts on people's well-being, 23-24 February 2017, Paris

Subjective well-being over the life course: Evidence and policy implications, 12-13 December 2016, London

Seminar on the first report of the International Panel on Social Progress: Rethinking society in the 21st century, 9 September 2016, Paris

Workshop on measuring trust and social capital, 10 June 2016, Paris

Seminar on the French initiative on New Indicators of Wealth, 15 April 2016, Paris

Workshop on economic insecurity: Forging an agenda for measurement and analysis, 4 March 2016, New York

Workshop on measuring economic, social and environmental resilience, 25-26 November 2015, Rome

Asia-Pacific workshop on subjective well-being: Measurement and policy use, 25-26 November 2015, Daejeon

Workshop on the measurement of well-being and development in Africa, 12-14 November 2015, Durban

Workshop on measuring inequalities of income and wealth, 15-16 September 2015, Berlin

Workshop on well-being over the life course, 27 March 2015, Paris

Workshop on inequality of opportunity, 14 January 2015, Paris

Joint OECD-EC seminar on “Job quality, labour market performance and well-being”, 27-28 November 2014, Brussels

Well-being as business purpose?, 7 November 2014, Paris

Workshop on multidimensional subjective well-being - Read the Takeaways, 30-31 October 2014, Turin

Policy seminar on Europeans’ personal and social well-being, 24 September 2014, Paris

Workshop on intra-generational and inter-generational sustainability - Read the Takeaways22-23 September 2014, Rome

Workshop on subjective well-being: Measurement and policy use, 23-24 June 2014, Paris

Policy seminar on Europeans’ understandings and evaluations of democracy, 23 May 2014, Paris

Launch of the OECD report: How's Life? 2013, 5 November 2013, Brussels

Economic crisis, the quality of work and social integration: The European experience in the Great Recession, 21 January 2013, Paris

> Regional European conference on measuring well-being and fostering the progress of societies, 26-28 June 2012, Paris, France 

Regional Asian conference on measuring and fostering the progress of societies, 5-6 December 2011, Tokyo

Conference on economic insecurity measurement, causes and policy implications, 22-23 November 2011, Paris

Conference on new directions in welfare, 6-8 July 2011, Paris

> Launch of the OECD Better Life Initiative on the occasion of the OECD 50th Anniversary Forum, 24-25 May 2011, Paris

Regional Latin American conference on measuring well-being and fostering the progress of societies, 11-13 May 2011, Mexico City