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Regulatory Reform in Brazil

Removing unnecessary barriers to competition through targeted reforms can foster productivity and economic growth. This Regulatory Reform Review of Brazil analyses sectors that create barriers to competition, such as regulations that create obstacles to the entry of firms, inhibit the entry of firms, or restrict activities in professional and network sectors. In a complementary way, the review also identifies government efforts to develop policies and tools to improve the quality of regulations, such as ex ante assessment of draft regulations, stakeholder engagement in rule making, and administrative simplification. High-quality regulations can stimulate productivity by encouraging the efficient allocation of resources and promoting innovation. In turn, these measures can reduce prices for consumers, stimulate the creation of jobs, and help improve living standards. The review identifies areas for reform to bring the country’s regulations and institutional arrangements more in line with international best practices. It demonstrates how a proportional, clear, and efficient regulatory framework can drive improvements in Brazil’s economic performance and the welfare of its citizens.

Published on June 21, 2022Also available in: Portuguese

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Executive summary
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