OECD Rural development and rural well-being

Rural areas have a variety of different characteristics and geographies - from well-serviced communities near urban areas to remote sparsely-populated places with limited access to basic services - as well as differing cultures. Our work aims to strengthen and support the economies and inhabitants of all types of rural area and reinforce their resilience in a fast-changing world.

Areas of work

Rural innovation

Enhancing the drivers of innovation in rural places is important to promote well-being and sustainable growth.

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Rural service delivery

Delivering health, education and other services is a mandate for governments around the world that has become more challenging in recent years due to tight fiscal budgets, demographic pressures, and rising public spending on both social services and health care...

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OECD Principles on rural policy

The Principles on Rural Policy crystallise over 20 years of the OECD’s work on rural development and were developed through a comprehensive review process with OECD member countries and key stakeholders.

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Transitioning to net-zero

The OECD calls for a stronger role for rural policies in reaching climate change goals and will work with countries to develop rural development opportunities and support the net-zero emission transition in rural regions.

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Indigenous communities

Vibrant Indigenous economies are fundamental to self-determination. There are approximately 38 million Indigenous peoples living in 13 OECD member countries. They make an important contribution to the culture, heritage, and economic development of these member countries.

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Mining regions and cities

With an expanding global demand for minerals, metals, oil and gas, mining regions and cities have the potential to attract investment and jobs. To fully exploit this potential, policies at all levels that take into account the well-being, environmental, and economic diversification needs are essential.

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Preparing Regions for Demographic Change

Better Policies for better rural lives

Rural Well being: Geography of opportunities


Key publications

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