Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change

This report provides a global assessment and outlook on wildfire risk in the context of climate change. It discusses the drivers behind the growing incidence of extreme wildfires and the attribution effect of climate change. It outlines the environmental, social and economic impacts of wildfires by illustrating the losses and costs observed during recent extreme wildfire events. Building on this, the report presents the findings of a cross-country comparative analysis of how countries’ policies and practices have evolved in recent years in light of observed and projected changes in wildfire risk. The analysis draws on in-depth case studies conducted in Australia, Costa Rica, Greece, Portugal and the United States. The report underlines the urgent need for governments to scale up climate change adaptation efforts to limit future wildfire costs.

Available from May 17, 2023


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive Summary
Overview: Key findings and recommendations
Understanding wildfire risk in a changing climate
Adapting policies and practices to extreme wildfires: A cross-country review
Annexes2 chapters available
List of stakeholders
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