OECD Climate Change

Strengthening resilience for a changing climate

Progress towards net zero by 2050 must go hand in hand with a concerted focus on building the resilience of people, economies and ecosystems. The Paris Agreement recognises the importance of enhancing adaptation and fostering climate resilience, and that adaptation in developing countries will require support (financial, capacity and technological) from developed countries.

The OECD supports countries in their climate resilience efforts providing timely analysis and translating data and research into tailored guidance and recommendations to support policy action.

Engaging with countries

Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation
The OECD Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation (TFCCA) brings together over 70 countries and organisations to promote concrete solutions and accelerate policy action on climate adaptation. It provides policy makers with a platform to discuss and exchange experiences, best practices and the latest research on climate variability, adaptation and resilience.


Development co-operation
The OECD supports governments of developing countries and providers of development co-operation with concrete tools and good practices to strengthen the resilience of human and natural systems to the impacts of climate change.

Policy responses across sectors and contexts


Decisions on the location, design, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, as well as on their governance and financing, need to be assessed in relation to the exposure and vulnerability of infrastructure to a whole range of risks, including climate risks.


As climate change increases pressures on land and water, the agricultural sector needs to better prepare for, absorb and recover from climate risks and other natural hazards.


Cities and regions play a pivotal role in climate action. The OECD supports countries, regions and cities to develop and implement effective climate plans, strategies and policy instruments.


Key events

 OECD COP28 Pavilion event on Climate adaptation: Why local governments cannot do it alone | 8 December 2023

 Launch event of OECD policy paper "Taming wildfires in the context of climate change: The case of Portugal", 20 September 2023

 OECD Green Talks LIVE webinar: Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change, 14 September 2023

 6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference, panel discussions on nature-based solutions and wildfire risk, June 2023

 28th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Session on measuring adaptation progress and effectiveness, June 2023

 8th International Wildland Fire Conference, Launch of the OECD flagship report on wildfires (see the agenda), May 2023