Industry and globalisation

95th Session of the Steel Committee, hybrid meeting, 25-26 March 2024


Chair's Statement


Ukraine update

  • Presentation by Deputy Minister Taras Kachka on the current state of the Ukrainian steel industry.
  • Presentation by GMK Center on opportunities for rebuilding Ukraine’s steel industry. 


The current state of the steel industry and long-term trends shaping the future

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on insights from the long-term steel demand model being developed to analyse structural shifts in steel markets.
  • Presentation by World Steel Association on megatrends that will influence the structure of the steel industry.


The world economic outlook

  • Presentation by the OECD Economics Department on the latest OECD Economic Outlook.


Global steel market and capacity developments

  • Steel markets and demand:
    Presentation by the Secretariat on the overview of the global steel market situation.
    Presentation by the Secretariat on current trends in the Chinese economy and steel industry.
    Presentation by the World Steel Association on the latest Short Range Outlook for steel demand. 
  • Steelmaking capacity trends:
    Presentation by the Secretariat on global steelmaking capacity.
    Presentation by Daito Bunka University on long-term capacity trends and impacts on steel exports. 


Circularity, raw materials and long-term steel scrap trends

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on Steel Committee and decarbonisation.

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the report on circularity and steel scrap.

  • Presentation by World Steel Dynamics on the joint OECD-WSD analysis of regional scrap supply-demand balances.
  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the outcomes of the workshop on Bridging Critical Minerals and Steel, held on 8 February 2024, and the OECD Observatory on Steel Supply Chains.

      • Panel discussion: How to boost scrap supplies – trade issues and how digitilisation (e.g. artificial intelligence and blockchain) can be used to generate greater scrap supply and address                quality issues. The panel was comprised of the following speakers:

         o Presentation by Japan Iron and Steel Federation, Japan
         o Presentation by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea
         o Presentation by Bureau of International Recycling
         o Presentation by WTO


Updates on steel decarbonisation initiatives and their current activities

Regional market developments


Facilitating steel companies' transition to low-carbon steel

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the report on steel companies’ decarbonisation strategies, challenges that need to be addressed and a mapping of policies for consideration by members.

  • Presentation by Japan Iron and Steel Federation on JISF’s mass balance approach.
  • Discussion: Successful drivers of steel decarbonisation: Presentations by Jernkontoret and POSCO who kicked off the discussion by highlighting the Swedish and Korean case studies on decarbonisation initiatives.


The impacts of steel subsidies and state ownership on markets

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the impact of steel subsidies.
  • Presentation by the Secretariat on SOEs in global steel markets.
  • Presentation by the TAD Secretariat on recent work involving state ownership and the types and level of support these firms received in the steel sector.


Trends in steel trade policies 

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on steel trade and recent trade policies and further work on circumvention.



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