Risk governance

The Use of Social Media in Risk and Crisis Communication


This report highlights the changing landscape of risk and crisis communications and in particular how social media can be a beneficial tool, but also create challenges for crisis managers. It explores different practices of risk and crisis communications experts related to the use of social media and propose a framework for monitoring the development of practices among countries in the use of social media for risk and crisis communications. 

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12 Good Practices in Social Media and Crisis Communication

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01. Raising public awareness about risks and crises
02. Surveillance, monitoring, situation awareness and early warning system
03. Improving preparedness
04. Providing information and warning
05. Improving crisis response through mobilising volunteers
06. Identifying survivors and victims
07. Managing reputational effects
08. Providing incentives to collect funding and support
09. Learning from the crisis ex-post
10. Improving partnerships and cooperation (national, international, public, private actors)
11. Building trust
12. Enhancing recovery management

12 Good Practices of Risk Communication


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