Governance and Policy Coherence for the SDGs

Preparing a sustainable recovery from COVID-19 and accelerating the SDGs

Implementing the SDGs as an integrated and coherent set represents a major challenge to all countries. With only ten years to go, the progress on the SDGs is uneven, both across and within countries. In the current COVID-19 crisis context, countries worldwide even risk to reverse progress on a number of SDGs. The pandemic crisis also poses a number of complex and interconnected challenges arising from the human, social, financial and economic consequences of COVID-19; and by the need to ensure that immediate responses and the subsequent recovery measures take a comprehensive and coherent approach. Strengthened governance practices and policy coherence for sustainable development (PCSD) will be essential to align the short-term responses with the achievement of long-term economic, social and environmental objectives for a sustainable recovery as well as international commitments, such as the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.

The OECD helps countries strengthen governance and policy coherence in support of the SDGs and to foster resilience in the post-crisis environment.

Instruments and standards

To support governments in strengthening practices to advance SDG implementation and to foster crisis resilience, the OECD has the following instruments and standards:

Recommendation on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development
Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability
Recommendation on Budgetary Governance
Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance
Recommendation on Open Government
Recommendation on Public Procurement

Events and networks

The OECD brings together experts and policy practitioners from countries worldwide to exchange experience and knowledge and to provide a forum for discussion to find innovative solutions to the key challenges countries face in advancing the SDGs and preparing a sustainable crisis recovery. Key gatherings include the following:

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