OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Infrastructure

Quality of public governance is essential to achieve national and international commitments on sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and to ensure equal opportunities and access to services for citizens. In particular, infrastructure investment and delivery are important tools for the economic and social recovery efforts from the COVID-19 crisis. Infrastructure governance will be crucial to ensure that public investments contribute to a sustainable rebound while strengthening infrastructure resilience, in particular for challenges such as climate change and inclusive growth.

The Recommendation on the Governance of Infrastructure, adopted by the OECD Council in July 2020, provides countries with practical guidance for efficient, transparent and responsive decision-making processes in infrastructure investment. It supports a whole-of-government approach and covers the entire life cycle of infrastructure projects, putting special emphasis on regional, social, gender, and environmental considerations.

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10 recommendations

Develop a long term strategic vision for infrastructure


Guard fiscal sustainability, affordability and value for money


Ensure efficient procurement of infrastructure projects


Ensure transparent, systematic and effective stakeholder participation


Co-ordinate infrastructure policy across levels of government


Promote a coherent, predictable and efficient regulatory framework


Implement a whole of government approach to manage threats to integrity


Promote evidence informed decision making


Make sure the asset performs throughout its life


Strengthen critical infrastructure resilience