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Open, Useful and Re-usable data (OURdata) Index: 2019 - Policy Paper


OECD Open, Useful and Re-usable data (OURdata) Index: 2019

OECD Policy Papers on Public Governance No. 1, March 2020 -  Jacob Arturo Rivera Perez, Cecilia Emilsson & Barbara Ubaldi

The OURdata Index benchmarks the design and implementation of open data policies at the central level, and stresses the sustained political and policy relevance of this area of work for OECD member and partner countries and beyond.

The results show that OECD countries are increasingly moving towards the development of government-wide data strategies. However, open government data remains a core component of these strategies as essential to strengthen good governance, due to the social and business value created by shared and public data.

OECD's Public Governance Policy Papers are finished concised pieces of OECD work on public governance, containing with clear policy messages.


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How can public sector data be used to build open and connected governments?  




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