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  • Report: Management of Pharmaceutical Household Waste - Limiting Environmental Impacts of Unused or Expired Medicine

    2022 - Pharmaceutical household waste from expired or unused medicine does not only offer zero therapeutic benefit, but also contributes to environmental pollution when disposed of via improper routes. The report provides an overview of available data on pharmaceutical consumption and disposal practices across OECD countries, reviews existing collection schemes and provides recommendations to avoid leakage into the environment.

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  • Report: Global Plastics Outlook

    2022 - This is the first report to comprehensively take stock of current plastics production, use and waste generation, uncover the underlying economic drivers and map the related environmental impacts on a global level. The report intends to help decision-makers understand the direction in which we are heading and assess which policies can support a more sustainable and circular management of plastic materials.

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  • Report: Non-exhaust Particulate Emissions from Road Transport

    2020 - Non-exhaust emissions of particulate matter constitute a little-known but rising share of emissions from road traffic and have significant negative impacts on public health. This report synthesizes the current state of knowledge about the nature, causes, and consequences of non-exhaust particulate emissions

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OECD is tackling today’s most challenging resource management issues by promoting the sustainable use of materials in order to reduce their negative environmental impacts, encouraging resource efficiency and the transition towards a circular economy.

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