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Water Reforms and National Policy Dialogues (NPDs) in Armenia



Year of NPD launch:  2006

Present NPD Chair(s) and strategic partners in the government: Water Resources Management Agency (Ministry of Nature Protection), State Committee of Water Systems (Ministry of Territorial Administration)

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Government of Finland, Government of Germany, Government of Switzerland, Government of the United Kingdom, Government of the United States of America

Summary of the main areas of work and achievements.

Priority areas of work and main activities

  • Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles in line with the EU legislation.
  • Ratification and implementation of the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health.
  • A strategy for wastewater collection and treatment.


National Policy Dialogues (NPDs)

The NPD enjoys a high engagement level by officials in the Ministry of Environment and the State Committee of Water Systems. Armenian legislation on Integrated Water Resources Management is converging towards the EU acquis. The NPD process has a key role through the development of policy packages:

  • A National Financing Strategy for rural Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) was developed in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Armenia.
  • A pilot River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) was developed for Marmarik river basin in line with principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).
  • Recommendations were developed to reform the current economic instruments for water management and introduce new ones.

The following meetings and missions have been taking place to assist Armenia in the NPD process:

Name of the meeting Date and Place LoP Agenda Minutes
18th Steering Committee meeting  15 October 2019, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes
17th Steering Committee meeting 19 October 2018, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes
16th Steering Committee meeting 07 April 2017, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes
15th Steering Committee meeting 26 April 2016, Yerevan LoP
 Agenda  Minutes
14th Steering Committee meeting 14 December 2015, Yerevan LoP  Agenda  Minutes
13th Steering Committee meeting 16 December 2014, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes
12th Steering Committee meeting 06 May 2014, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes
11th Steering Committee meeting 12 December 2013, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes

10th Steering Committee meeting

and the 2nd meeting of EPIRB

26 September 2013, Yerevan LoP Agenda Minutes

 Project Progress: 

 Armenia EUWI timeline NPD till 2015



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