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Schooling for Tomorrow (SfT) was launched in November 1997 at an international conference in Hiroshima. It is an international project located in OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI).


SfT has already completed three phases:

  • Information on the first
  • Information on phase 3


Milestones achieved in the third phase 

  • Wider international participation: Austria, Australia (S. Australia, Victoria), Canada (Ontario and Alberta), England, Finland, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Wales
  • A more systematised knowledge base: consisting of a number of tools, accessible both for policymakers and practitioners. These include an SfT Starterpack that contains all information needed to get started on futures thinking in education and an on-line knowledge bank that brings together information from 10 years Schooling for Tomorrow.
  • Launch of new work on innovations in learning: to complement the “macro” view on trends and scenarios, a new project focusing on learning environments has been developed within CERI: Innovative Learning Environments.

Recent publications

Conferences and seminars



  • Seminar on the future of the education workforce (in Cardiff)
  • Seminar on future thinking materials (in Edinburgh)


  • on trends and futures thinking and held in Helsinki hosted by the Finnish National Board of Education.