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Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) - Schooling for Tomorrow


The Schooling for Tomorrow project (SfT) is a major CERI project since the late 1990s, developing futures thinking in education. Its starting point is that neglect of the long term is increasingly problematic in meeting the challenges of complexity and change that education is facing. We need different ways of integrating futures thinking more fully in education policy and practice. Futures thinking can stimulate reflection on the major changes taking place in education and its wider environment. It helps to clarify our visions of what we’d like schooling to be and how to get there. It provides tools to engage in strategic dialogue.

The SfT project has produced  on important themes with long term impacts, it has published on ways to engage in futures thinking and it is developing tools for futures thinking, including accessible analyses of the context and trends relevant for schooling in tomorrow’s world.


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