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Date of publication
3 June 2011


8 June 2011 - Launch event: This publication was launched in Rabat in the presence of His Excellency Nizar Baraka, Moroccan Minister of Economic and General Affairs and OECD Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher:

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The Moroccan economy has developed and modernised over recent years, thanks in large part to ambitious reforms that the government has undertaken to improve the country’s business climate. However, challenges remain to spur growth, enhance competitiveness and generate needed jobs.  To support Morocco in continuing to improve its business environment, the OECD and the Ministry of Economic and General Affairs launched a far-reaching evaluation of the country’s business climate to identify the policies necessary to attract investment at the national, regional and international levels.


This publication presents the conclusions of this evaluation as well as the key reforms necessary to create a more attractive business climate, tap the full potential of the economy and stimulate employment. The analysis phase took place over 2009-2010, and its conclusions are all the more pertinent given the changes underway in Morocco in the framework of its ambitious project of constitutional reform and regional integration process.


The Business Climate Development Strategy for Morocco findings indicate that the country is progressively aligning with OECD best practices in several areas. The country has made major strides in the areas of trade, investment and privatisation policy, and has also made progress in the promotion of SMEs, building successful public-private partnerships, and in the launching of several major infrastructure projects.  However, Morocco still needs to communicate a more positive image to investors regarding its business climate, reinforce anti-corruption measures, reduce obstacles to land titling and ownership, continue to improve its infrastructure in order to increase territorial linkages, support employment-generating activities and develop managerial skills. Simplifying administrative procedures and improving institutional co-ordination are also areas for improvement.  BCDS Morocco offers specific recommendations on how the policy, institutional and legal framework can be improved to enhance the business climate.


This assessment was carried out by the MENA-OECD Investment Programme in collaboration with the Moroccan government and with the contribution of the private sector. The methodology supports consensus building among stakeholders in order to highlight the value of the potential of the private sector as a catalyst for economic growth, development and employment generation in the Middle East North Africa region. 


Full assessments of the 12 policy dimensions

The publication outlines the key findings that emerged from the assessment phase of the business climate of Morocco.
Summaries and full assessments of the 12 policy dimensions covered, as well as the scores obtained for the 240 indicators, can be downloaded in PDF format (in French only):


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