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Developing the Policy Framework for Investment


The Policy Framework for Investment (PFI) was developed by OECD and non-OECD participants in a task force established under the aegis of the OECD Investment Committee as part of the OECD Initiative on Investment for Development launched in Johannesburg in November 2003.

The PFI was adopted and declassified by the OECD Council, the governing board of the Organisation, and welcomed by Ministers at their annual OECD meeting in May 2006. OECD and non-member partners will continue to work together, in co-operation with the World Bank, the United Nations and other interested institutions and with the active engagement of business, labour and other civil society organisations, to support effective use and future development of the Framework.

Documents and links

Making the Most of the Policy Framework for Investment, Speech by the OECD Secretary-General on 20 July 2006

Using ODA to Promote Private Investment for Development: Policy Guidance for Donors, 15 March 2006

OECD Initiative on Investment for Development - Note on the outcome of the work, 15 May 2006English / French ]

Public consultation, including responses received, January 2006

OECD Observer article: Investing for development: The Policy Framework for Investment, October 2005

, 2005 

Enabling Development - OECD statement to the follow-up of the UN Millennium Declaration and Monterrey Consensus, May 2005English / French ]

OECD Initiative on Investment for Development: Progress Report, April 2005 [English / French ]

OECD Initiative on Investment for Development: Towards a Policy Framework for Investment - Overview, March 2005



2nd OECD-Southeast Asia Regional Forum: Enhancing Competitiveness through Regional Integration, Bangkok, Thailand, 27-28 April 2009

Global Forum on International Investment VII: Best Practices in Promoting Investment for Development, Paris, France, 27-28 March 2008

NEPAD-OECD Roundtable on Strengthening Investment Climate Assessment and Reform in NEPAD Countries, 27-28 November 2007, Lusaka, Zambia

APEC High-Level Public-Private Policy Dialogue on the Policy Framework for Investment, Melbourne, Australia, 26-27 April 2007

NEPAD-OECD Roundtable on Mobilising Private Investment in Africa in Support of Development: Laying the Foundations for Sustained ProgressBrazzaville, Republic of Congo, 12-13 December 2006

OECD Global Forum on International Investment “Enhancing the investment climate: the case of infrastructure”, Istanbul, Turkey, 6-7 November 2006

APEC-OECD Seminar on the Policy Framework for Investment, Hoi An, Vietnam, 8 September 2006

Conference on Investment for Development: Making It Happen, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , 25-27 October 2005

Workshop on the Investment and Business Climate in the Russian Federation: A Regional Perspective, St. Petersburg, Russia, 9-10 November 2005

APEC-OECD Seminar: Working Together on Investment for Development, Busan, Korea, 14-15 November 2005

Investment for Asian Development: Lessons so Far, Challenges for the Future, Jakarta, Indonesia, 5-6 July 2005

Investment Compact for South East Europe: Statement from the Fourth Ministerial Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 June 2005

NEPAD/OECD Investment Policy Roundtable on Investment for African Development: Making it Happen, Entebbe, Uganda, 25-27 May 2005

Global Forum on International Investment: Investment for Development - Forging Partnerships, New Delhi, India, 20-21 October 2004


2015 Update of the PFI

The PFI was updated in 2015 to reflect new global economic fundamentals and to incorporate feedback from the international policy community. It was released in Paris on 3 June 2015 at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting.

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World Bank Doing Business Database
Public Private Dialogue
World Trade Organisation
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)



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