OECD Competition Open Day 2020


On 26 February 2020 the OECD welcomed the competition community to the second OECD Competition Open Day. A rich networking opportunity, the 2020 event welcomed over 400 people in Paris to discuss:

In addition, OECD Competition Trends 2020, a new and unique publication containig data on agencies’ resources, cartel detection, sanctions, abuse of dominance and merger reviews was launched.

This event was open to competition experts, government representatives, competition lawyers, economists, consultants, in-house counsels, regulators, representatives of academia and the media.



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Launch of OECD Competition Trends by Angel Gurrìa 



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Key documents

OECD materials


OECD Competition Trends 2020


Digital Disruption in Banking
and its Impact on Competition


Competition in Labour Markets


Merger Control in Dynamic Markets

Expert papers

Unlocking Digital Competition
by Amelia Fletcher et al.

Competition policy for the Digital Era 
by Jacques Crémer et al.

Committee for the Study of Digital Platforms:
Market Structure and Antitrust

Subcommittee Report by Douglas Melamed et al.


A series of blog entries explores the different topics under discussion. 

Blog 1: Collective bargaining 4.0: using labour law to extend coverage to new forms of work

Blog 2: Competition enforcement could help labour markets function better

Blog 3: Charting the way forward for digital competition policy

Blog 4: Innovation and competition in financial markets

Blog 5: BigTech vs Bigbang: Competition in financial services

Blog 6: Merger enforcement in dynamic and innovative markets

Blog 7: Protecting consumers' interests in digital markets: The experience of Australia 

Key sessions on replay

Competition in the Digital Age

FinTech, Big Tech and Competition

Merger Control in Dynamic Markets

Competition in Labour Markets


Janos Barberis [Bio] ‌ 
Head of Entrepreneurship and Academic Board Member Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) and Founder and CEO of SuperCharger


Geoffrey Manne [Bio] 
President & Founder, International Center for Law and Economics



Andrea Bassanini [Bio] 
Senior Economist, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, OECD


Margarida Matos Rosa [Bio] 
President, Autoridade da Concorrência, Portugal

Sarah Court [Bio] ‌  
Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Associate Commissioner of the New Zealand Commerce Commission

Jason Maude [Bio]
Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

Jacques Cremer [Bio] 
Professor of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics

A. Douglas Melamed [Bio] ‌
Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

giulio-federico Giulio Federico [Bio] 
Head of Unit, Chief Economist Team, DG COMP
European Commission

Eric A. Posner [Bio] 
Kirkland & Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of Law
University of Chicago


amelia fletcher Amelia Fletcher OBE [Bio]  
Professor of Competition Policy, Centre for Competition Policy (CCP) and Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia and Non-Executive Director of the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

Nancy L. Rose [Bio]  
Head of the Department of Economics and Charles P. Kindleberger Professor of Applied Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Gail Levine [Bio]  
Deputy Director, Bureau of Competition 
US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 



Joel Rosenbaum
Head of Strategy and Corporate Development
Global Digital Division, Banco Santander


Helder Vasconcelos [Bio] 
Vice President, Compass Lexecon


Tommaso Valletti [Bio]  
Head of the Department of Economics & Public Policy, Imperial College Business School, and
former Chief Economist, DGCOMP, European Commission

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Roundtable on competition issues in labour markets

Roundtable on vertical mergers in the technology, media and telecom sector

OECD work on competition, digital economy and innovation


VIDEO: Digital disruption in FinTech VIDEO: Competition issues in labour markets  
VIDEO: The welfare effects of vertical mergers    


2020 OECD Workshop on vertical mergers and vertical restraints (25 February)

2019 OECD Competition Open Day (Missed the event? Video on demand available here)

2019 G7 Conference on Competition and the Digital Economy



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