Tax policy analysis

About Tax Policy and Statistics Division


The Tax Policy and Statistics Division of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration is an inter-disciplinary team of economists, lawyers, statisticians and policy analysts who are focused on providing internationally comparable revenue statistics and delivering high quality economic analysis and tax policy advice.


Who we are

The team, which is led by David Bradbury, Head of Division, consists of the following units: 

  • Business and International Taxes 
  • Consumption Taxes – Piet Battiau, Head of Unit
  • Personal and Property Taxes – Bert Brys, Head of Unit
  • Tax and the Environment – Kurt Van Dender, Head of Unit
  • Tax Data and Statistical Analysis Unit – Michelle Harding, Head of Unit
  • Country Tax Policy Team – Bert Brys, Head of the Team

What we do


We are responsible for:

  • Producing regular publications, such as:


  • Producing detailed economic and tax policy analysis, including: 


  • Recent publications, such as : 

Corporate Tax Statistics: Third Edition
Tax Revenue Implications of Decarbonising Road Transport - Scenarios for Slovenia
Effective Carbon Rates 2018
Tax Policy Reforms 2018
OECD Tax Policy Review of Slovenia 2018
Taxation of Household Savings
The Role and Design of Net Wealth Taxes in the OECD
Taxing Energy Use 2018


  • Developing international standards and guidelines, such as: 

The International VAT/GST Guidelines

  • Hosting international events, such as:

The Global Forum on VAT


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