OECD Telecommunication and Broadcasting Review of Brazil 2020

Connectivity is the backbone of the digital transformation, and as such, policies and regulatory measures that foster access to high-quality communication services at competitive prices are key. This review provides a comprehensive examination of Brazil’s communication and broadcasting sectors, highlighting areas for regulatory and policy reform that can help ensure a successful and inclusive digital transformation. It analyses market performance of the communication and broadcasting sectors, as well as underlying policies and regulations. Based on its findings, the report recommends actions in five key areas: improving the policy and regulatory framework; overhauling the taxation, fees and tariff framework; improving market conditions; fostering competition in communication and broadcasting markets; and strengthening national policies and evidence-based policy making. These areas should be addressed simultaneously, in order to ensure a holistic approach to reform.

Published on October 26, 2020Also available in: Portuguese


List of acronyms, abbreviations and units of measure
Executive summary
Background on the telecommunication and broadcasting sectors
Market developments
Institutional framework
Communication policy and regulation
Taxation of communication and broadcasting services
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