Multi-dimensional Review of Panama

Volume 2: In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

Panama has achieved socio-economic improvements in recent decades thanks to strong economic growth and consequent poverty reduction. Its growth model is characterised by a dual economy in which a small number of activities, including those related to the Canal and Special Economic Zones, have exhibited high productivity growth but limited job creation. Panama should now embark on a new reform agenda to become a sustainable and inclusive high-income country. This report urges greater productivity in sectors that contribute to job formalisation to reduce disparities in income and among regions. As developing these policies requires further resources, taxation system and private sector involvement through public-private partnerships should also be reinforced. Focusing on skills and jobs, regional development and development financing, the volume provides analysis and recommendations on three areas which are key for Panama.

Published on July 06, 2018

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive Summary
Overview: Towards a sustainable and inclusive high-income country
Building better skills and creating formal jobs for all Panamanians
Strengthening regional development policy to boost inclusive growth
Improving the taxation system and promoting private sector involvement to support financing for development
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