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The STI.Scoreboard platform provides science and innovation policy makers, analysts and the public at large with a resource to retrieve, visualise and compare statistical indicators of science, technology and innovation (STI) systems across OECD countries and several other economies. It provides:

  • Over 1000 indicators on research and development, science, business innovation, patents, education and the economy, drawing on the very latest, quality assured statistics from OECD and partner international organisations.
  • An aid to data interpretation, with upfront information about what the indicators capture, key definitions, and specificities for each country, connecting to the actual sources.
  • The possibility to navigate and search across the entire platform, connect and visualise together different families of indicators.
  • A tool to generate your own charts, save and share them, and download data and charts.

Explore the STI.Scoreboard platform

The STI.Scoreboard is a platform in continuous development, incorporating new indicators and improved visualisation tools. Click on the indicator name on display or use the search field to start creating your own indicator viz.


How do I use the STI.Scoreboard platform?

 Watch our 3-minute demonstration video:


  • How should I cite indicators extracted from the STI.Scoreboard? We suggest you acknowledge the underlying OECD and partner sources, as presented in the platform, adding “extracted from OECD STI.Scoreboard platform” and the date of extraction. Your readers will also appreciate you sharing the link.
  • Did you know? The STI.Scoreboard powers indicator visualisations on several OECD sites, including the OECD/EU STIP Compass.
  • Work in progress. The STI.Scoreboard data are continuously updated as new indicator updates are released. We also work to enrich the database and improve our experience.
  • Tell us what you think. For more information on the STI.Scoreboard, please contact us


In focus: OECD indicators on women in Science, Technology and Innovation

The OECD STI.Scorebord contains over 60 indicators on women and gender across different dimensions of science, technology and innovation. These include statistics on women working as researchers, inventors and doctorate holders. They also map women’s enrolment and graduation at tertiary and doctoral level, showing the fields in which they are under- or overrepresented.

Explore this custom view of available STI.Scoreboard gender indicators.

Find out more about analysis and policies for gender in science, technology and innovation in our post on closing the gender gap in research and also on the OECD-EU STIP Compass international database of STI policies interactive dashboard on gender-specific analysis in research, which includes over 70 such policy initiatives.


The OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard publications

The OECD STI Scoreboard publications feature indicators traditionally used to monitor developments in science, technology, innovation and industry, and complements them with experimental indicators that provide new insights into areas of policy interest. Traditionally published every two years, the format, scope and frequency of the STI Scoreboard as a publication is evolving. Indicators are now available in a digital platform, updated on a rolling basis. 


Measuring the Digital Transformation: A New Perspective (2019)

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OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2017
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