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Designing and delivering public services in the digital age

Providing public services that deliver on the potential of digital technology and data presents a challenge for many governments. Yet, “being digital” is not optional, but a core condition, for governments seeking to provide services that are user-driven, inclusive, resilient, innovative and trustworthy. Achieving digital government maturity requires holistic, comprehensive transformation from within and throughout the machinery of government. It involves reshaping organisations’ culture, capability (including talent, skills and resources), and governance to support user-centred approaches, agility, integration and cohesion to design and deliver quality public services that meet the needs of citizens and businesses. This Going Digital Toolkit note presents action-oriented principles to guide policy makers and public servants when designing and delivering public services fit for the digital age. The Annex contains a selection of practices by a variety of countries for each principle.

Published on March 24, 2022

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