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Measurement and reduction of administrative burdens in Greece: an overview of 13 sectors


Released 1 September 2014


Improving the regulatory environment is a precondition for Greece to successfully stimulate economic activity, create jobs and raise productivity. In support of Greece’s ongoing reform efforts, the OECD has engaged with the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Government in a project to measure and identify options for reducing administrative burdens in 13 sectors of the Greek economy. Administrative burdens stemming from 20% of laws and regulations in those sectors have been identified as most burdensome and quantified to an annual EUR 3.28 billion using the internationally recognised Standard Cost Model.


The outcome of this project are 87 concrete recommendations for reducing administrative burdens in Greece. These recommendations, if implemented, would bring significant savings for all businesses in Greece. They aim at eliminating unnecessary paperwork while supporting the policy objectives of regulations.


The 13 sectoral reports provide information on the results of the measurement of administrative burdens in those sectors, as well as a detailed description of the measured information obligations and their process mapping. The overview report summarises the findings of the project and the recommendations. In addition, it provides broader recommendations that aim at improving administrative burden reduction efforts and, more generally, regulatory quality in Greece.


  • Read the full report: Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece: An Overview of 13 Sectors (English, Greek)


Access the sectorial reports

  1. Agriculture and agricultural subsidies (English, Greek)
  2. Annual accounts/company Law (English, Greek)
  3. Energy (English, Greek)
  4. Environment (English, Greek)
  5. Fisheries (English, Greek)
  6. Food safety (English, Greek)
  7. Pharmaceutical legislation (English, Greek)
  8. Public procurement (English, Greek)
  9. Statistics (English, Greek)
  10. Tax law (VAT) (English, Greek)
  11. Telecommunications (English, Greek)
  12. Tourism (English, Greek)
  13. Working environment/employment relations (English, Greek)


For further information, please contact Daniel Trnka, OECD Regulatory Policy Division.


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