Regulatory reform

Pilot database on stakeholder engagement practices



This pilot database presents concrete examples of stakeholder engagement in regulatory policy from OECD member and partner countries. It illustrates how countries have implemented the 2012 Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance in practice.

While the database examples may serve as inspiration for other countries, they are not blueprints for good practice. The effectiveness and suitability of stakeholder engagement tools depend on country-specific institutional and cultural contexts, as well as the goals and circumstances of a specific consultation.



The database includes qualitative information and lessons learned on stakeholder engagement practices

  • from a diverse set of countries;
  • at various stages in the policy cycle;
  • using different methods of stakeholder engagement.

As this database is a pilot project, it does not provide an exhaustive list of existing stakeholder engagement practices in OECD countries or a comparison of the implementation of similar practices in different countries. 




For further information, please contact Christiane Arndt, Measuring Regulatory Performance Programme, OECD